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Yakutia ~ Our Homeland

Covering an area of more than 3 millions square kilometres (it is about one quarter of the total area of the Russian Federation), the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is one of the largest nation-states within the federation. It's territory is 5 times as large as the territory of France and 12 times as large as the territory of England. The territory of our republic stretches 2000 km north south and 2500 km east west. Apart from the mainland, the territory of the Republic includes several islands in the Arctic Ocean, such as the Novosibirskiye Islands. Over 40% of the territory lie within the Arctic Circle.

The climate in Yakutia is markedly continental: seasonal temperature variations exceed 100°C (from +40°C during the summer to -60°C during the winter). The town of Verkhoyansk is at the negative temperature pole of the Northern Hemisphere (the temperature here drops as low as -68°C).

The Republic of Sakha is a land of mountains and plateaus, which occupy over 70% of the territory. The Republic has over 7000 lakes and 7000 rivers. The largest of them is the Lena with a length of 4400 km, which ranks among the ten longest rivers in the world.

The formation of the people of Sakha dates back to the 13th century when the hordes of Genghis Khan invaded the Central Asia steppes. As early as the 17th century, Russian explorers penetrating the interior of Asia met the people of Sakha on the banks of the great Lena, with the joining of Yakutia to the Russian State to follow. In 1632, Russia Cossacks established a fort on the right bank of the Lena from which the latter-day Yakutsk, the modern capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), originated. This date is considered to mark the incorporation of Yakutia into the Russian State. On April 27, 1992, Yakutia was granted the status of the autonomous republic. On September 27, 1990, the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was signed. The Republic's first president, Mikhail Nikolaev, was elected on December 20, 1991.

The resident population of the Republic totals 1 million people. Population density in the localities is very low: on average 35 people per 100 square km, but in the north it is as low as 1. People of over 80 nationalities live in our Republic, the largest proportion being the Russians, who make up half the population, followed by the Sakha-Yakuts, who constitute 33.4 percent. Foremost among the remaining nationalities are Ukrainians, Tatars, Evenks, Belorussians, Evens, Buryats, and Yukaghirs.

There are only 11 towns in our Republic. The largest are Yakutsk, Neryungri and Mirny.

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