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Victory Square

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Many years have passed since 1945, when the Great Patriotic War was over. Final shots were heard no more, and war veterans returned to their homes and began to restore the destroyed plants and factories, schools, and blocks of flats. Many veterans took part in the construction of our young town of Mirny. Their feat of labour is related to their hard feat of arms.

In 1975, the workers in the diamond capital celebrated the 30th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War. If there had been no victory, there would be no town.

On this date, in honour of the great victory, an obelisk was erected in this square, Victory Square.

The obelisk is 13.5 m high. It was designed by the architect Evgeniy Ermolaev and the sculptors Victor Frolov and Mihail Neimark. Three swords stuck in the ground at its base symbolize three peaceful decades, which the people of our republic together with the rest of mankind got thanks to the great victory over fascism.

Behind the obelisk, there is a Remembrance Wall devoted to the heroic pages of the Great Patriotic War history. The bas-relief on the left shows young soldiers marching to the front to defend our motherland from fascist invaders. The next depicts women, old men and children working hard at the home-front to help the army. Heroic deeds of front-line forces and partisans are depicted in the next ones. A bas-relief devoted to the Great Victory Day completes the composition.

In front of the obelisk, there is a marble slab with the names of the Hero-Cities of the former Soviet Union. Under the slab, there are capsules with soils carried from these Hero-Cities.

In summer, when the weather is warm and sunny, people of our town like to come here and rest under the shade of the trees. On our right-hand side as we face the obelisk, we can see a recreation centre. (It's a pity it is under reconstruction now.)

Across the road is the Orthodox cathedral. When our town celebrated its 40th anniversary, a stone was laid with the inscription that an Orthodox cathedral would be built in this place some day. On July 22, 1996, the Holy Patriarch of All Russia Aleksiy II came to Mirny and sanctified the place for it. Nearly five years passed, and the dream came true. On the 7th of January (it was Orthodox Christmas), 2000, the church opened wide its doors to the believers for the first time. The holy pictures inside the cathedral were still being painted, and people said it will be the most beautiful church building in our republic.

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