Welcome to Mirny
Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Table of Contents

 1)The Lyceum of Mirnyp.  1

 2)Introductionp.  2

 3)Excursion Route around Mirny Sightsp.  3

 4)Yakutia ~ Our Homelandp.  4

 5)Mirny: the Centre of the Diamond Provincep.  5

 6)Victory Squarep.  6

 7)Mirny Holy-Trinity Templep.  7

 8)Platon Alexeevich Oyunskyp.  8

 9)Joint-Stock Company "Almazy Rossii - Sakha"p.  9

10)Victor Tikhonovp. 10

11)Mirny Diamond Sorting Center   p. 11

12)Mirny Polytechnic Institutep. 12

13)Open Pit "Mir"p. 13

14)Monument to the Pioneers of the Diamond Industry p. 14

15)Research Institute "Yakutniproalmaz"p. 15

16)Lenin Squarep. 16

17)Museum of Flora and Faunap. 17

18)"ALROSA" Historical-Production Museump. 18

19)Conclusionp. 19

20)Bibliographyp. 20

21)Project Teamp. 21

Project by 11th Year Students of the Lyceum-School in Mirny.
Project Supervisor: Maikova T. N.

Copyright ©Mirny Lyceum-School 2002. All rights reserved.

Prepared for publication during the
Mirny Regional Scientific-Practical Conference on
"Inter-Cultural Communication: History, Politics, Language and Literature"
convened by the Mirny Polytechnic Institute and the Sakha (Yakutsk) State University.

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