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Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Victor Tikhonov:
The first Director of Yakutalmaz Association

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I'd like to say that our land is rich not only in diamonds but also in people whose heroic labour contributed greatly to the development of our town. I can't but mention the Heroes of Socialist Labour such as Mikhail Orlov, Lev Soldatov, Stepan Korostelev, Victor Trofimov, Ivan Serebryakov, Raisa Tomilova. But the first among them was Victor Illarionovich Tikhonov ~ the first Director of Yakutalmaz Association.

Tikhonov Street in our town of Mirny is named after him. We can see the memorial plate to this great person on the front of the MAK-Bank building here in this street.

V.I. Tikhonov was born on December 21, 1908. When he was a boy, he learned eagerly and easily and was always good in studies. After graduation from the Mining Institute, his labour activity started and soon he earned the reputation of a bright engineer and excellent leader. He knew foreign languages and, as an engineer, worked in Mongolia and Vietnam. When diamonds were discovered in Yakutia, he came here to build the diamond-mining industry.

He was very industrious and devoted all his time to his job and to the people he worked with. And people loved him because he was strict but honest, kind-hearted, thoughtful of others, and, what is more, liked a good joke. He was a true leader, responsible in everything. He took a great care of the town and its people. Not only diamond-mining factories were built under his leadership but also houses, schools, kindergartens, cinema-theatres. The trees in Victory Square were delivered to Mirny by planes and planted there by Tikhonov himself.

People of Mirny remember Victor Illarionovich Tikhonov: that's why this street is named after him. We can find many interesting facts about this courageous man in the Historical-Production Museum of our town. His life serves as a good example for us in everything.

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