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Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Lenin Square

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The centre of our town is Lenin Square. To one side, there is the Local Administration building. It's the seat of the Town Constituent Assembly with the Chief Administrator Nikolai Ermolaev at the head. Different departments of Local Administration supervise various spheres of town life.

In front of the square, there is the Culture Palace "Almaz" ~ the heart of the town's cultural life. It was built in 1978. Children, teenagers, young people and grown-ups get together here according to their interests. They spend their leisure time in the literary association "Kimberlite", the folk dance ensemble "Kustuk", the folklore ensemble "Razdolye", the jazz orchestra "Dixieland", the children's ballet studio "Almazy Yakutiyi" ("Diamonds of Yakutia"), the studio of ballroom dance "Duo". Exhibitions of local artists and national applied arts, as well as flowers, are held here, too. Up to recent times, festivals of political songs were held. There are pantomime studios and a folk theatre. Stars of Russian variety shows often come to Mirny, including the ensemble "Bereozka".

Lenin square is the place of public meetings on holidays such as the "Day of the City and the Diamond Mining Industry", the "Farewell to Winter", the national holiday "Ysyakh". By New Year, a fairy-tale snow and ice town arises here with a New Year tree, snow towers, and sliding hills, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.

On the other side of the square, there is the hotel "Zarnitsa", which opened its doors in 1989. It got its name after the first diamond pipe, "Zarnitsa", discovered by Larisa Popugaeva in 1954. When we look up towards the top of the hotel building, we see the sign "Z", which means "summer lightning".

When we go out of the square, we find ourselves in Leningradsky prospect. The street was named in honor of young people who were the first to come to our parts from Leningrad. There was virgin taiga here then. They lived in tents even during severe winters, suffered bitter frosts, but due to their labor, we, their grandchildren, can enjoy life in Mirny now. We would like you to enjoy your stay in our town.

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