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Mirny Polytechnic Institute

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The Mirny Polytechnic Institute is a branch of Sakha (Yakutsk) State University. It was founded on March 2, 1994. In mid-summer the same year, the first entrants took their exams, and 78 of them became the first-year students of the first higher educational establishment of our town. Now, 941 internal and external students are enrolled in the Institute.

Young people of 23 nationalities study here: Yakuts and Russians, Evenks and Tartars; there are even Koreans, Greeks, Bulgarians and Germans by ethnic origin. They come from 23 regions of Yakutia and Russia, and study in several departments: English language and literature, mathematics, electrical supply of mining enterprises, electro-mechanics, ore dressing, law, and other studies. Students take an active part in scientific-research work and in sports activities and hobby clubs.

In the university forecourt, in front of the building, we see a sculpture of a sand-watch, crowned with diamonds. The whole composition symbolizes the unity of the past, present, and future.

Next to this sculpture is a traditional Yakut pole, a sergé. It's decorated with wooden carvings on top. Traditionally, horses were tied to a such a pole. It's interesting to know that such a sergé could be seen only in front of the houses of rich Yakuts called toions. This one was built here when the Institute celebrated its fifth anniversary.

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