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The Monument to the Pioneers of the Diamond Industry

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The Monument to the Pioneers of Diamond Industry of Yakutia is seen in our municipal park. The park around here was laid after this monument had been erected.

As already mentioned, the first diamond in Yakutia was found by the geologist party of the Tungussky expedition under the leadership of G.K. Feinstein on the Vilyuy River on the 7th of August 1949, and then, on June 13, 1955, the pipe "Mir" was discovered. After the discovery, a telegramme with the words "Lit the peace-pipe: tobacco is excellent..." was sent to Moscow.

In July, a group of geologists of the Amakinsky expedition arrived at the diamond field. They became the first inhabitants of the Mirny settlement. It was a hard time then, but they contributed greatly to the development of the diamond industry in Yakutia and were awarded the Lenin Prize for their discovery and self-sacrificing labour.

On the 12th of October 1970, this monument was erected in honour of the outstanding feat of the people who were true geologists and courageous men and women. I believe we can say without exaggeration that they lived an heroic life, and thanks to their heroic labour they inscribed their names in the history of our native land.

The obelisk was created by the architect E. Ermolaev, engineer A. Temnikov, and artist I. Kaphengaus. It is 24 m high. An imitation of a diamond is put into the obelisk 17,5 m above the monument's foot. It indicates a geological structure of the diamond kimberlite pipe. The town of Mirny, which later became the diamond capital of the Sakha Republic and the diamond centre of the Russian Federation, received its name after the discovery of the "Mir" pipe where this precious mineral is mined.

A mosaic panel on the monument symbolizes Yakutia, the riches of this land, the heroic labour and peacefulness of its people.

The obelisk's square is a place where various festivities are held now.

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