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Platon Alexeevich Oyunsky

The great Yakut poet, Platon Alexeevich Oyunsky, was born in 1893 in the Tattinsky district. While a student during the revolution, he was several times arrested both by the "whites" and the "reds". He experienced the death of his friends, Maxim Ammosov, Stepan Arzhakov, and others. Then he himself was repressed and tragically died in 1939.

Platon Oyunsky wrote many poems and poetic dramas. His drama "Kudangsa the Great" was staged in the Yakut Drama Theatre by the producer Andrei Borisov. The performance was a great success not only in Yakutia but in many foreign countries as well. His other drama "The Red Shaman" is also an outstanding masterpiece.

It was Oyunsky who re-created the Yakut epic "Nyurgun Bootur". It is translated into Russian, English, and French. The Yakut composer Mark Zhirkov together with the Russian composer Henry Litinsky wrote music for the epic, and the opera is performed on the stage of the Yakut Opera House.

Platon Oyunsky was an outstanding scientist as well. He explored the Yakut language, literature and folklore; he founded the Research Institute of the Yakut Language and Literature in Yakutsk.

Platon Oyunsky played an important role in the history of the Yakut people and is recognized as the founder of Yakut literature.

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