Welcome to Mirny
Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)


This Joint Project ~ "Welcome to Mirny: the Diamond-Mining Center of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)" ~ has been carried out by the guide group of 11th year students from the Mirny Lyceum.

We have been working on this project for three years now, constantly updating the material. The project is the result of our work at regular lessons of English on such topics as "Your Native Town", "Outstanding People of the Country", "Excursions to Museums and Galleries", "Principle Sights of the Place You Live In", "Geography and Nature", "Travelling", "Your Favourite Pastime", etc.

The idea to arrange the studied material into a form of an excursion, or tour, occurred to us when the first group of students from Great Britain was to arrive in our town. We thought we would tell them as much as we could about our unique town, situated in the permafrost zone, to make their stay here not only more pleasant but also more cognitive.

We made a thorough study of newspaper articles found in the Central Town Library archives, read reminiscences and memoirs of the pioneers of the diamond-mining industry and stories about their lives. While collecting material, we consulted Kulchenko T.V., the Chief Fund Curator, and Serkina V.A., the Head of the Original Studies Department, of the ALROSA Historical-Production Museum and got inestimable help.

The main problem of our research was to find out what helped ordinary people overcome all hardships and to stand the struggle with nature and with the severe climatic conditions.

The aim of our research was to get the visitors to our town acquainted with the history of Mirny's founding, its outstanding people and their contribution to the development of the diamond-mining industry; to show them our pride in our fathers' heroic deeds of labour, our readiness to take responsibility to follow their course.

We set a wide range to our research, comprehending the Joint-Stock Company "ALROSA", the Historical-Production Museum, the Mirny Holy-Trinity Temple, the open pit "Mir", the Monument to the Pioneers of the Diamond-Mining Industry, and so on.

Our project team worked out the excursion route, shared responsibilities, and started translating the collected material. Our special concern was the guided tours around the Flora and Fauna Museum and the Historical-Production Museum of the ALROSA Company. As the texts abounded in special terminology, we not only used specialized dictionaries but also consulted Kobylkin N.I., expert translator of CNIGRI Enterprise. It was a valuable experience as we improved our translating skills and this experience will benefit us while mastering our future professions.

We have held excursions for the students and teachers of the Rugby School and Winchester College and also for the Representative Officials of the ACTR Program, for Dr. Mousalimas (Pembroke College, Oxford University), and tried to do the best we could.

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Project by 11th Year Students of the Lyceum-School in Mirny
Project Supervisor: Maikova T. N.