Welcome to Mirny
Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)


The work on this project made us feel more confident of our knowledge in English, made it possible for us to implement our skills in real interactions, and enriched our minds with new facts from the history of our native town, our native land.

I'd like to quote from the New York Times, which used to write:

"Yakutian diamonds occur in quite unreachable places which neither beasts nor birds can get to, not in winter and not in summer ..."
"Judging by theoretical estimations, Yakutian diamonds will appear on the world market only in the 21st century ... and only Russian fanaticism multiplied by super-human effort may give some result, if any at all."
"I can't estimate human potentialities, but if the usual frost doesn't force them out of there, then the lack of a power supply will strangle them."

Some time has passed since those publications. So, in 1993, Catherine Marchant, a visiting delegation member from our Sister City, Wasilla, Alaska, expressed her surprise that only 36 years ago there were neither cities nor settlements in our parts. It was so impressive that, in a such short period of time, the citizens of Mirny could overcome all difficulties and create conditions, not only for living and working, but also for having interesting pastimes.

We hope that our excursion through the sights of our town may change some notions about our part of the world and about the people who live and work here.

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Project by 11th Year Students of the Lyceum-School in Mirny
Project Supervisor: Maikova T. N.