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Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Mirny Holy-Trinity Temple:
The Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Mirny

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Mirny's Holy-Trinity temple was opened in 2000. I can't but say a few words about its history.

From the earliest times, there was a custom in Rus (Russia) to erect temples (church buildings) to commemorate dates and events. People believed fairly then that they could gain a victory neither in battles nor in other things without God's help. Every tiny village even had its own church; and if there was no such a church, the place was considered undesirable to live in, because all things and wishes might have been a failure.

For a long time, our town hadn't any clerical centre either. Erected on permafrost, far from arterial roads and large cities for thousands of miles, it supplied the country with diamonds, proving its right for existence. The situation was not suitable for building a temple then. Nowadays, when Mirny achieved maturity, the building of a temple has become quite necessary.

Five years ago, the leadership of ALROSA Co., Ltd., adopted a decision to build the Orthodox Holy-Trinity temple in our town. It was a bold decision, because the financial and economic situation in our diamond province was rather complicated. Nevertheless, in 1996, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Aleksii II and the Archbishop of Yakutsk and Lensk Germán were invited here to sanctify the place for the construction of the temple and to bless the laying of its first brick. Four years passed, and the construction works were completed just before the 45th anniversary of our town.

The President of ALROSA Co., Ltd., members of its governing body, the Archbishop of Yakutsk and Lensk His Eminence Germán and other ecclesiastics were present at the opening ceremony. The solemn ceremony of sanctification drew so many people that there was no place to switch a cat in.

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Aleksii II sent a greetings letter for the occasion. For the great contribution in the cause of the temple's creation and for active participation in its construction, the President of ALROSA Vyacheslav Shtyrov and others were awarded the Orders of Saint Sergii Radonezhskii and special Pontific Diplomas.

The temple is very beautiful inside, and the bells' chime sounds wonderful on holidays. I think you will enjoy it on September 21, the Orthodox holiday of the Nativity of the Mother of God.

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