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Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Mirny ~ the Centre of the Diamond Province

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In 2000, Mirny celebrated its 45th anniversary. The city and the diamond mining industry came to the jubilee with certain social, cultural and productional achievements.

Mirny has a modern TV-centre, post-offices, a telegraph, a well-equipped polyclinic, swimming pools (the "Crystal" and the "Olympus"), well-equipped schools and children's complexes, 2 stadiums, a park, a hockey court, a palace of culture ( the "Almaz"), a 6-storey hotel (the "Zarnitsa"), a trade complex and sheltered market, museums and a music school, a picture gallery (not large, so far) and school of arts, a choreographic college, a technical college and the Polytechnic Institute (a branch of the Yakutsk State University).

Modern Mirny grows upward, with 9-storey houses in new blocks. The city has a lot of trees. We have two squares: "30 Years of Victory" and "Lenin Square". These are favourite places of rest for Mirny citizens in warm weather. By New Year, in front of the Local Administration building, there arises a fairy-tale snow and ice town with sliding boards, snow towers and a New Year tree. Even in severe frost of -50°C, this place is crowded with children.

Mirny has a rather interesting cultural life: a literary association "Kimberlite", a children's ballet studio "Almazy Yakutiyi" ("Diamonds of Yakutia"), a chamber choir "Severnye Golosa" (Northern Voices), a folk dance ensemble "Kustuk", a folklore ensemble "Razdolye", a studio of ballroom dance "Diadance", a jazz orchestra "Dixieland". There are exhibitions by local artists and of national applied arts, as well as exhibitions of flowers. Every year, festivals are celebrated: the "Day of the City and the Diamond Mining Industry", the "Farewell to Winter", and the national holiday "Ysyakh". Up to recent times, festivals of political songs were held. There is a studio of pantomime and a folk theatre. Stars of Russian variety shows often come to Mirny, including the ensemble "Bereozka". Mirny also has recreation camps for winter and summer rest, as well as the dispensary "Gornyak", to improve health.

In 1990, the diamond sorting centre began its work in Mirny, to which the precious stones from the mining plants come. Here they are weighed, sorted according to class, evaluated, studied.

The "Mir" open pit is in the process of reconstruction at present. Initially, geologists assessed kimberlite in the body of "Mir" to the depth of 400 m. Today, the depth of the pit approaches 450-470 m and the sides of the pit have been widened to be more convenient for open pit mining. Underground mining of diamonds in the "Mir" mine is also being planned. 18 km away from Mirny, there is the "International" pipe, which is mined underground. There is a reserve of diamonds for mining for 25-30 more years in this pipe.

On July 21, 1996, the Holy Patriarch of All Russia Aleksiy II came to Mirny. On July 22, he sanctified a site for the Orthodox cathedral, and, a day after, he took part in the ceremonial opening of the Yubileyny Mining Concentration Complex (MBC) in Aykhal.

On July 16, 1997, the northern-most plant in the system of ALROSA Co., Ltd., was launched (300 km off the coast of the Laptev Sea) on the placer "Anabar", plant #13. A day earlier, on July 15, there was a ceremonial opening of the independent diamond mining enterprise "ALROSA-NYURBA, Ltd." On September 20, 1997, ALROSA Co., Ltd., signed a treaty with the military unit #51396 of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation for co-operation in social and cultural spheres. On October 21, ALROSA Co., Ltd., signed a trade agreement for the export of Russian diamonds with the transnational corporation "De Beers" for an initial period of 13 months, starting at December 1, 1997.

ALROSA Co., Ltd., is a member of the mining association "KATOKA, Ltd." (co-founders are Russia, Brazil, Angola). In summer 1997, this enterprise produced its first diamonds.

Mirny is a sister-city of Wasilla, a city in Alaska, USA.

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