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Diamond-Mining Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

The Joint-Stock Company "Almazy Rossii-Sakha"

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In the middle of the 50s, the news broke on the world that Yakutia had mother-rock diamonds. The finds were made in remote, inhospitable places, with few inhabitants and no roads or communication. Temperatures ranging from 60 degrees below zero centigrade in winter to 40 degrees above zero centigrade in summer in this environment also made the development of the diamond deposits a very tough proposition.

The Yakutalmaz Concern was formally incorporated in January 1957, and five months later, in June 1957, its dressing factory Nº1 delivered the first carats of the precious stones. Two years later, in 1959, De Beers bought its first few thousand carats of Yakut diamonds. Today ALROSA Co., Ltd., is the largest mining enterprise in the Russian Federation and one of the leading producers of natural diamonds in the world. It is a vertically integrated, highly profitable enterprise. The shareholders of the company, in accordance with an edict of the Russian Federation President, are:

Mingosimushchestvo of the Russian Federation32.0%
Mingosimushchestvo of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)32.0%
Administrations of 8 regions (uluses) of Yakutia on the territory of which the company exercises its activity 8.0%
The fund of social warranties to servicemen in the Russian Federation Government 5.0%
Employees of enterprises and organizations of the diamond complex23.0%

The most important organ providing balanced strategic leadership of ALROSA Co., Ltd., is the Supervisory Council consisting of 15 persons.

ALROSA has worked out and strictly fulfills a priority plan of construction, reconstruction, and modernization of mining targets for raw mineral resources. Due to an unfavourable investment climate in the country, realization of such targets is performed mainly at the expense of the company's own funds.

In 1996, processing plant Nº14 on the Yubileynaya pipe was launched into industrial operation, followed by the launching of a diamond field mining-processing complex with the same name, which is one of the largest in the world and which already in 1998 reached its rated capacity.

In August 1997, processing plant Nº13 on the placer "Anabar" ~ the most northern diamond mining enterprise in the world ~ was launched into industrial operation.

The pride of ALROSA and 80% of its mining is the Udachninsky mining-processing complex, which has been regularly working for many years, with insignificant annual fluctuations of ore and diamond mining above the rated indicators. In 1996-1997, it carried out preparatory works on mining diamonds in the pipe "Zarnitsa" and started mining the first open pit's turn of this new deposit.

In 1997, the open pit of the "Aykhal" pipe was mined to the design mark. In 1998, mining of diamond ore at the experimental-industrial underground site of this deposit was started. According to the plan, the mining of ore reached 200 thousand tons in 1999.

In 1996, a kimberlite pipe named "International" was discovered not far from Mirny. By grade of jewellery diamonds per ton of ore and by their quality, "Inter" is considered to be among one of the three best diamond deposits in the world. When open pit mining reached 286 m depth, the pit was temporarily closed in 1981 for further underground mining in the future.

Technical projects of the country's leading institutes were used in the construction of the underground mine which was given the status of an experimental one. Without attracting external funds, the company performed large capital investments from its own profit into this construction, and in August 1999 put the initial launching complex of the first diamond underground mine in Russia into operation. The technical equipment the mine will be one of the best underground enterprises in Russia.

In 1994-1996, geologists of ALROSA discovered new perspective deposits in the Nakyn ore field ~ the kimberlite pipes "Botuobinskaya" and "Nyurbinskaya". In 1999, an exploration-operational enterprise was launched in the pipe "Botuobinskaya" on the basis of the mine "Nadezhda" and the module plant of "ALROSA-Nyurba" OSS, an affiliated enterprise of ALROSA. This marked the beginning of broad development in the new Sredne-Markhinsky diamondiferous region.

Based on research in market capacity, ALROSA Co. Ltd. forecasts to increase the mining of diamonds up to 2 billion dollars in 2005. Growth of diamond mining will provide additional inflow of currency to the country, an increase of financial inflow to the budget and extra-budget funds, all due to the increase of diamond raw material sales and due to the increase of brilliants' production on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Even so, diamonds will not be our region's only source of fame. Western Siberia is a treasure house of oil and gas. We have timber to turn into useful products, decorative and semiprecious stones to mine, and diamonds to cut out. We can set up joint ventures around the world. All of this will make the concern wealthy and increase self-confidence for continued successful enterprise.

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